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Voyager Videos

I’ve been playing with Premiere Pro and have put together videos to accompany the tracks on the Voyager album. Each video is made up of the incredible images returned from the Voyager craft and also CGI graphics. All images are courtesy of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech/NASA for which I am very grateful! You can see […]

Songs From The Grand Massif

Available now – my new album Songs From The Grand Massif is music inspired by the Grand Massif mountains in the French Alps. This jazz-rock project features Jon Hiseman (drums), Billy Thompson (violin) and Clifford Milner (congas), plus me playing guitar, bass and keyboards. Currently available through iTunes and my own site, with more to come soon, […]

Voyager for Orchestra and Four iPads

This piece of music has been inspired by the sights that these spacecraft have seen. The original hour long album recording was produced using synthesisers and live drums. Following a number of suggestions I completely rescored the work as a commission for the Beaumaris Arts Festival. This was shortened to a 30 minute work, largely […]

Voyager – mankind’s most incredible journey

Like all boys growing up in the early sixties, I was fascinated by space exploration. I watched all of the films made by the Americans and Russians showing first satellites, then animals and finally astronauts being catapulted into the cosmos. And, of course, I wanted to be an astronaut! Space travel became more and more […]